Woodsman™ 6030 And replacement parts Forestry System


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The perfect solution for a variety of protection needs:  chainsaw/machinery operation, sandblasting, woodworking, home repairs.  All components of the Woodsman™ Forestry System meet or exceed ANSI requirements.  This system features the GLADIATOR hard hat with the unique shell molded for superior rigidity and UV protection.  Patented Reflex™ 6 point suspension with 1″ nylon webbing for exceptional comfort. Standard slots accept most accessories. Replacement suspension #1000-5 can be found with the hard hats.

#6030- Complete Woodsman™ Forestry System

#2551- Sound Star Ear Muffs Only

#4000SCREEN- Steel Mesh Face Screen Only

#TB2- Carrier Only (for screen and muffs)