The FireVulcan®


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The revolutionary waterproof Fire Vulcan has two bright blue LED taillights so you can be seen from the front or the rear, even in dense fog.  The high intensity halogen 8 watt spot bi-pin bulb provides a super bright spot light of up to 80,000 candela (peak beam intensity).  Its powerful beam is ideal for field maintenance and inspection of construction sites, utility lines, and remote equipment.  Strobe and steady mode.  Run times are up to 3 hours with steady halogen and LED’s, up to 6 hours with blinking halogen and LED’s, up 60 hours with blinking LED’s only.  6V 4.5 amp-hour rechargeable battery can be recharged up to 500 times.  Bulb rating:  150 lumens typical.  Rugged ABS thermoplastic housing with cushioned grip handle.  Quick release strap.  Serialized for positive identification.  Comes with AC and DC chargers.  Weight:  3.3 lbs.  Length:  7 1/2″.  Width:  5″.  Height:  6 1/2″.