Stainless Steel 71530, 71534, 71534 Cable Lashing Wire


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Used in a lasher to lash an overhead cable or combination of cables to a supporting strand. A specially controlled annealing process yields a uniform, fine grain structure throughout wire length and cross section for best results. Available in a 430, 302, and 316 stainless steel alloy. Available in full coils only.

Type 430 Stainless: a low carbon, 17% chromium wire suitable for general use and in ordinary atmospheric pressure will acquire only a dark surface stain. Specifically not recommended for use within 25 miles of salt water or industrial operations which emit pollutants.

Type 302 Stainless: 18% Chromium, 8% Nickel analysis. This wire has excellent resistance to corrosion from industrial atmospheres. Its higher tensile strength and breaking load are an added benefit. A .038″ diameter Type 302 wire provides strength equal to a .045″ wire with better ductility and better elongation.

Type 316 Stainless: Modified 18-10 analysis containing approximately 2.5% molybdenum. More resistant to the corrosive action of most chemicals, including chlorides and sulfides, than any other wire. Particularly resistant to pitting and pin hole corrosion of the kind commonly caused by salt spray. Its use provides the best insurance against failure under the most severe atmospheric conditions.

Buying tip: When estimating the length of lashing wire required for a cable run, add the following amounts to the length of the run for single lashing:
1 1/2″ diameter cable: add 5%.
1 1/2″ to 3″ diameter cable: add 10%.
Over 3″ diameter cable: add 20%.
For double lashing, double the quantity.

71530 430 .045″ 1200 FT 6.5 lbs 5 3/8″ 1 13/16″
71534 316 .045″ 1200 ft 6.4 lbs 5 3/8″ 1 13/16″
71535 302 .038″ 1600 ft 6.3 lbs 5 3/8″ 1 13/16″