Maasdam® AO Rope Pow’r Pulls


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Requires 1/2″ diameter dacron rope, twisted or braided.

Sometimes called a rope “Come-Along”.


  • 3/4 ton capacity.
  • Weight:  7 lbs (without rope).
  • Leverage:  10-1.
  • Full lifetime warranty.
  • Rugged steel plated frame.
  • Trouble free notch-at-a-time letdown.
  • Rope Pow’r Puller can accommodate an unlimited length of rope.

Choose from:

CAT. NO.  AO- Rope Pow’r Pulerl Only

CAT. NO. A-20- Rope Pow’r Puller With 20′ of Rope and Hook

CAT. NO. A-50- Rope Pow’r Puller With 50′ of Rope and Hook

CAT. NO. A-100- Rope Pow’r Puller With 100′ of Rope and Hook

CAT. NO. 7968AU- Replacement Spring, “L” Shaped (Pack of 2 Springs)

CAT. NO. 7968AX- Replacement Spring, Old Style, Straight (Pack of 2 Springs)

Rope for Pow’r Pulls:

CAT. NO.  3973-20- 20′ Long

CAT. NO.  3973-50- 50′ Long

CAT. NO. 3973-100- 100′ Long

1/2″ diameter rope spullied with one 1/4″ hook.  Minimum breaking strength:  9500 Lbs.

We also offer a Maasdam 2-Ton Cable Puller.