KPJ Wire Mesh Grips Junior Duty By Klein


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Junior Duty Single-Weave, Closed Mesh, Flexible Eye Wire Mesh Pulling Grips features:

  • Grips are for pulling overhead or underground cable.
  • Stringing service or communication lines into buildings or through conduit.
  • Designed to pass through ducts, conduit, blocks and sheaves.
  • Cable pulling mesh grips are made of strong, long lasting galvanized steel.
  • Flexible eye  follows the line of pull.
  • Junior duty is used for small  jobs where pulling tensions are low.
  • 3 Sizes available.

CAT. NO. KPJ50:   Cable size .50″ to .61″, Length 8 1/2″, Max load 260 lbs.

CAT. NO. KPJ75:   Cable size .75″ to .99″, Length 10″, Max load 560 lbs.

CAT. NO.  KPJ100:   Cable size 1.00″ to 1.24″, length 11 1/2″, Max load 780 lbs.