H.K. Porter replacement 0012C, THRU 8613TN Cutter Heads


Multiple replacement heads for H.K. Porter handles. See list below.

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  • Replacement Cutter Head
  • Jaws are already put together at factory
  • Just bolt these to you handles

0013C Fits 0090FC and 0090MC

0012C:  Jaws only Fits 0090FC, or 0090MC

0113C Fits 0190FC and 0190MC

0213C Fits 0290FC and 0290MC

0313C Fits 0390FC and 0390MC

0513C Fits 0590MC

0213CSS Fits 0290FCS

0313FCS Fits 0390FCS

1413C Fits 1490MC

0113CX Fits 0190MCX and 0190FCX

0213CX Fits 0290MCX

0312C:  Jaws only fits 0390FCX, 0390MC, 0390FC,  0390MCX

0313CX Fits 0390MCX and 0390FCX

0513CX Fits 0590MCX

8613FSK Fits 8690FSK

8613FH Fits 8690FH

8613CK Fits 8690CK

8613TN Fits 8690TN