French Creek 4000 Tree Trimmer Saddle With Butt Strap


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Designed with the user in mind, these tree climbing saddles are extremely lightweight, yet rugged.  The back pad and butt strap are constructed using FCP III, a product designed to dissipate heat and perspiration.  Attachment straps for accessories can be positioned at the user’s convenience on the removable waist belt.  The waist belt will allow seven inches of adjustment, the back pad is a full six inches wide, and the saddle pad is four inches wide.  Three accessory attachment straps are standard (two straps with snaps and one strap with a two inch ring).  The tree climbing saddle features two dee rings on the butt strap and one dee ring on each hip.  Rated to a combined weight of 400 pounds.

Sizes:  S (32-40), M (36-44), L (40-48)