Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades


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1232BI-P: Special high-speed steel teeth that are fused to regular a carbon-steel body to provide superior cutting and a longer life. It withstands greater saw tension for less blade flexing. It fits all 12-Inch hacksaw blades.

1224BI-P: Klein Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades are 12-Inch long with 24 teeth per inch. The special high-speed steel teeth fused to regular carbon-steel body provide superior cutting and longer life. The blades withstand greater saw tension for less blade flexing.

1200BI-P: Save time with Klein’s Golden Tri-Cut™ Blades featuring three teeth sizes in one blade. These replacement blades work with Klein’s Dual-Purpose Hacksaw (Cat. No. 701-S). The gold finish provides premium cutting that won’t dull.

All come in packs of 10