B983 Drop Cable Guide


Made of highly visible fluorescent orange tubing and is firm enough to find its way through insulation making a clumsy and time-consuming problem much easier.

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This guide is a solution to a clumsy and time-consuming problem: getting the service wire through a wall or floor.  After drilling a 3/8″ hole, place the guide through the wall.  The tapered end helps you locate the hole on the opposite side.  The flared end prevents the guide from pulling through the wall.  Feed the cable through the guide until it is well inside.  Pull the guide from the wall or floor; a slit is provided on the guide to remove it from the wire.  The Cable Guide is firm enough to find its way through insulation, and resilient enough to take a beating.  Its made of highly visible, fluorescent orange plastic tubing, easily seen in the dim light of a basement.  Five per package.  Length:  20″. Wt. 2.2oz.

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