Wire-Pulling 51002 Lubricant

Makes wire and cable slip easier through tight bends.  Thick, creamy, yellow, waxbase formula goes on smoothly, coats uniformly, and stays on wire.  A little goes a long way.  Dries to a slippery film.  Will not dry out in covered containers.  Freezes at 28° F, but withstands normal temperature extremes, including as many as three free-thaw cycles. Nontoxic to skin, will not stain skin or clothing, cleans up with soap and water. It is greaseless, noncombustible, nonconductive when dry, and noncorrosive to metals. Will not damage insulation. Suitable for use with wire or cable covered with rubber. NOT FOR USE ON LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE. Can be used in plastic conduit (PVC, high impact styrene), zinc coated steel, aluminum, bituminized fiber, asbestos-cement or copper raceways. UL listed.

List price: $16.65. Sold by the gallon.

Discontinued. Stock is limited.

Product Number: 51002


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