Webbing MASHD86, MASHD9, MASHD10 Auger Slings

These webbing slings are non-kinking, non-curling, shock absorbing, and interchangeable with wire rope.  Webbing slings are strong, soft, flexible, and easy to handle, while wire rope scratches hands and cuts gloves when strands fray or break.  Webbing slings also out last wire approximately 3 to 1.  Works at all angles.  Rolls smooth and easy.  Note:  Auger sling mounting surfaces should be smooth and free of sharp edges for maximum life.


Available in 3 sizes:

All are 1" wide and have a choker rating of 2500 lbs.

MASHD86- 8'6" Length

MASHD9- 9' Length

MASHD10- 10' Length


Product Number: MASHD86, MASHD9, MASHD10



Call 800-227-4255 to order.