“Universal” Compression Assembly Tool Catuniversal

Assembles these connectors:

  • Arris-Digicon-S™ & T™
  • Corning Cablemcon-CX3
  • Corning Gilbert-ULTRAEASE™
  • Corning Gilbert-ULTRARANGE™
  • F-Conn-FS, PCT-DRS
  • Thomas & Betts SNAP-N-Seal®

The CAT Universal is an assembly tool for Series 59 and 6 compression connectors.  Configured with the "Universal" plunger tip, factory present and calibrated to assemble the above connectors.  Field proven high strength cast aluminum body.  Provides a clear view of the connector assembly compression action.  Spring loaded, split jaws position the cable and connector for easy insertion and removal.  Ergonomic, user friendly design.  Calibration/gauge block and hex wrench supplied with tool.

Length:  7", Weight:  1 lb.

Product Number: CATUNIVERSAL


Call 800-227-4255 to order.