Treeline 12-Strand Rigging Line Rope

Treeline™ is a single braid rope compromised of 12-strands.  Each of these strands contains polyester wrapped around bundles of polyolefin.  The polyeolefin keeps the strands round and increases their diameter without adding weight.  The result is a firm, round, lightweight rope with very little stretch and excellent knot holding properties.  The finished rope is then treated with a proprietary coating to enhance the product's abrasion resistance, extending its useful life.  Not spliceable.  Applications:  Arborist rigging rope, bull rope, speed lines.  Available in 5/8" (5/8"T), 3/4" (3/4"T), and 7/8" (7/8"T).


5/8"T- 11.0 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  8,200 lbs. tensile strength.

3/4"T- 15.4 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  10,500 lbs. tensile strength.

7/8"T- 23.3 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  15,500 lbs. tensile strength.

Available per foot or in 600 ft coils.

Product Number: T - Treeline™



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