The Ox Hook™ 80 Ft. 2406S-80 Handline Assembly

The Ox Hook™ can handle it all.  Light loads, heavy loads, and even rescue.  Perfect for use with the Ox Block™, features a WLL of 2500 lbs. (gate closed) and 1000 lbs. (gate open). Gate can be locked in the open position and used like a traditional handline hook or locked closed to keep loads securely attached.  A 5000 lb. rating (when used for rescue) as well as a 3600 lb. rated gate greatly reducing the time to get an injured victim to the ground.  Ox Hook™ handline assembly includes a locking snap hook (model 1706) spliced on opposite end for added versatility.

Product Number: 2406S-80


Call 800-227-4255 to order.