The Ox Block™ 50061A-4 With Swivel Eye

The Ox Block™ is an innovative product from Buckingham that combines a rope snatch block with an integrated friction bar.  It can be used to:

  • Rescue it- rated for two person rescue.
  • Lower it- control heavy loads with the friction bar.
  • Raise it- with or without pulleys.
  • Snub it- tie off load with the friction bar.

The Ox Block™ is a rope snatch block with an integrated friction bar used for lowering loads, snubbing loads, and raising loads.  It allows the rigging professional to handle loads with greater control.  When lowering loads, tension is transferred from the worker to the Ox Block™.  The Ox Block™ replaces standard handline blocks, parted blocks, and various snatch blocks.  The Ox Block™ also has greater working load limits than other blocks of similar size.  Uses 5/8" maximum rope.  Weight:  2.1 lbs.  Overall size:  10 1/2" tall x 3" wide x 2 1/8" thick.

Manufacturer's Breaking Strength:

Sheave-to-Eye:  10,000 lbs.; Hook-to-Eye:  6,000 lbs.

Working Load Limit:

Sheave-to-Eye:  2,500 lbs.; Hook-to-Eye:  1,500 lbs.

The Ox Block With Swivel Eye has a 4' adjustable sling and triple action steel carabiner. Handline hook not for human support.

Product Number: 50061A-4


Call 800-227-4255 to order.