The Bucksqueeze 483D Wood Pole Fall Protection System

The Buckingham Bucksqueeze is the most widely used wood pole fall protection system. Used to fall protect line personnel from the ground to the elevated work position and back to the ground. The Bucksqueeze user hitchhikes up and down the pole and if the user starts to fall, the strap squeezes the pole, securing the user and preventing a fall. While climbing over obstructions, the user secures a secondary lanyard or positioning strap (not included) prior to removing the BuckSqueeze. Fits distribution poles with a circumference from 16" (5" diameter) to 50" (16" diameter). Additional features of this pole climbing fall protection system: No tongue buckle to adjust at back of pole, one disconnect to climb over obstruction, does not work itself out of adjustment, friction and cam buckle adjustment at user's side, 3 slot dee increase the rigidity of the strap while hitchhiking, carabiner with serrations for improved gripping of the pole, paddle handle with channel, threaded removable cleat.

Product Number: 483D


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