The “Bucklite” TB94089A Contoured Titanium Pole Climbers

Buckingham has developed the titanium climber to provide strength, light weight, and comfort for total confidence while climbing.  Laboratory tests have proven the titanium climber will provide years of service.  The benefit of titanium is that it is strong like steel but lightweight like aluminum, a perfect combination for climbers.  Benefits include:  lower gaff position of the climber prevents the gaff from being leveraged out of position on the pole when leaning out, 16° angled gaff provides optimum pole penetration for a safe and comfortable climb, and the beveled stirrup positions the lineman's foot flatter and more comfortably when leaning out. The suggested life is the original set of gaffs and one replacement through normal use. Correct climber length is measured from the boot sole under the instep to a point 1/2" below the bone projection just below the knee joint. Long sleeves are generally preferred by people over 6'2". Rated to 350 lbs. Meets or exceeds ASTM-F887, Federal Government RR-C-430, and W.E.-CA08530.

Additional Features:

  • Accepts climber footplate.
  • Contoured shank for ankle relief and comfort.
  • Screw style replaceable gaffs.
  • Easily change gaff with an allen wrench.
  • Offset stirrup keeps the climber at the center of the foot.
  • Will accept CCA gaffs (order separately).

TB94089A- Climbers w/1" Nylon Bottom Straps Only
TB94089A-3500C- Complete w/1" Nylon Straps and 3500C Pads
TB94089A-4N- Complete w/1" Nylon Straps and #41 Pads
TB94089A-5N- Complete w/1" Nylon Straps and #41 Pads


Product Number: TB94089A, and complete sets



Call 800-227-4255 to order.