SwedePro™ Chain Saw Protective Apron Chaps

SwedePro™ protective chaps are UL® classified as chain saw cut resistant leg protection for all operators of gas powered chain saws by using ASTMF.1414 test method and ASTM F1987 "Leg Protection for Chain Saw Users".  Outer shell made with water and oil resistant Cordura® Nylon. Protective pad made with 6 layers of Engtex#0153; material. One 1 1/2" interlocking waist buckle is adjustable for waist measurements from 30" to 42". Length measurement is from the waist down. Machine wash and dry.

Apron chaps have four interlocking leg buckles (2 on each leg) to keep chaps in place.

Lengths available:
184032: 32" Length
184036: 36" Length
184040: 40: Length

Product Number: Apron Chaps



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