Safety Pro-12™ 12-Strand Climbing Rope

Safety Pro-12™ is designed for applications where a fixed spliced eye is not necessary.  Its unique design construction results in a rope that is easy to know yet resists flattening and glazing.  Each strand consists of a core of lightweight polyolefin surrounded by tough, durable polyester.  Then the twelve strands are braided around a bundle of our trade mark "blue" nylon core yarns.  The result is a rope that strikes the balance of firm and supple with minimal bounce so there is little wasted energy climbing.  Not spliceable.  Unique 12-strand Kermmantle design.  Low elongation.


Size:  1/2"

Weight per 100':  7.5 lbs.

Ave. Tensile Strength:  6.600 lbs.

Available per foot or in 600 ft coils.

Product Number: 1/2"SAFETYPRO



Call 800-227-4255 to order.