Ratchet Type M10LH Continuous Load Binder

Great for material handling and cargo control.  Ratchet Type Load Binders feature ease of tensioning (one hand) with fine increments of adjustment.  Tie down loads of any type for either temporary or continuous transit.  The soft 2" nylon webbing strap, flexible at any angle, conforms to shape of load and protects material surfaces.  The distinctive yellow color of the webbing makes it easy to identify and quick to locate.  CAUTION:  LOAD BINDERS ARE LOAD RESTRAINT DEVICES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING. 

Standard length:  27' (can be cut down to fit your needs).

Working load limit:  3,335 lbs.

Assembly breaking strength:  10,000 lbs.

Product Number: M10LH


Call 800-227-4255 to order.