Nybuck Positioning Straps 3800 SERIES With Tongue Buckle

NYBUCK is a 6-ply filament nylon woven into cloth which is impregnated with neoprene, then folded and subjected to tremendous pressure to assure permanent bonding without raw edges which would allow moisture penetration.  Its strength is tremendous, yet it is very lightweight.  Center layers are a contrasting color that, when visible, alerts the user the strap needs to be replaced.  Linemen who have used leather pole straps will be pleasantly surprised by the ample flexibility of these nylon units.  Drop forged locking snap hooks on both ends.  Slide buckle for quick length adjustments.  Meets or exceeds applicable OSHA requirements and ASTM and CSA standards.  Width:  1 3/4".

Choose from:

384299E- Max. Length 5' 8"

386099E- Max. Length 6'

386699E- Max. Length 6' 6"

387099E- Max. Length 7'

388099E- Max. Length 8'

Product Number: Positioning Straps With Tongue Buckle



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