Multiline II™ 3-Strand Rope

Multiline II™ is a 3-strand composite rope.  Its unique construction combines cover yarns of 100% filament and spun polyester wrapped around a polyolefin core.  (Sizes under 1/2" diameter do not have this polyolefin core).  Multiline II™ provides the greatest durability, greatest strength, lightest weight, and most consistent supple feel over time compared to similar composite ropes.  Low elongation.  Very good abrasion resistance.  Easily spliced.  Applications:  arborist rigging rope, bull rope, hoisting, hand lines, slings, block lines, pilot lines, distribution stringing lines, underground pulling lines.

Available in 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8".


3/8"M:  3/8" diameter.  4.4 lbs weight per 100 ft.  3,200 lbs. tensile strength.

7/16"M:  7/16" diameter.  5.41 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  4,100 lbs. tensile strength.

1/2"M:  1/2" diameter.  6.8 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  5.800 lbs. tensile strength.

5/8"M:  5/8" diameter.  9.8 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  8,200 lbs. tensile strength.

3/4"M:  3/4" diameter.  14.5 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  10,500 lbs. tensile strength.

7/8"M:  7/8" diameter.  18.0 lbs. weight per 100 ft.  15,500 lbs tensile strength.

Available per foot or in 600 ft coils.

Product Number: M -Multiline



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