Lemco XL Corstrip Tools

The fastest and most precise Corstrip tools in the industry.  The high quality, heat treated steel used for the coring bits offers more cuts per dollar.  Tools feature a standard center conductor stop for accurate center conductor lengths, eliminating guesswork and measuring.  An inspection window visually confirms progress and completion.  The hardened stripping blade trims the outer conductor on a taper and eliminates the possibility of flaring and O-ring damage.  Longer bushing provides greater tool stability on the cable, eliminating the possibility of scoring on the inside of the outer conductor.  Ready for use with an electric drill or T-handle (sold separately).

XL Series Corstrip Tools:

P3/T10 Cables:

XL412, XL500, XL625, XL750, XL875

Trilogy Cables:

XL440MC2, XL500MC2, XL650MC2, XL750MC2, XL1000MC2

XLP Series Corstrip Tools:

Replacement Parts:


P3/T10 Cables:

X500-1, X625-1, X750-1, X875-1, X1000-1

Trilogy Cables:

X500MC2-1, X650MC2-1, X750MC2-1, X1000MC2-1


P3/T10 Cables:

X500-2, X625-2, X750-2, X875-2, X1000-2

Trilogy Cables:

X500MC2-2, X650MC2-2, X750MC2-2, X1000MC2-2

Stripping Blade:

XQRX17- Fits .500, .565, and .625

X17- Fits all other sizes and MC2

Product Number: XL



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