Klein Tree Climbers With Replaceable Gaffs

An adjustable climber with extra long 2 3/4" replaceable gaffs, designed for maximum penetration when climbing trees.  Leg irons are contoured to help position gaffs securely and comfortably.  Includes Klein #8210(8" x 8" cushioned leather pads), steel sleeve, leg iron, gaff, split ring, and nylon calf and ankle straps.

Choose from:

Regular (CN1970AR), adjustable length:  15" to 19"

Long length (CN1970ARL), adjustable length: 17" to 21"

Replacement gaffs 2 3/4" (07, includes replacement gaffs, TORX screws, and wrench)


Product Number: CN1907AR, CN1907ARL, 07



Call 800-227-4255 to order.