JCST715QR Jacket Coring Stripping Tools

Simultaneously strips the jacket, cores the dielectric, strips the aluminum sheath, and trims the conductor to the proper length in one fast and precise operation. Specifically designed for the following cables: CommScope® Quantum Reach® (QR), Times Fiber Communications (TFC) TX10, Alcatel Cable Benelux-ACW. Manual or drill operation; JCST tools have a standard "T" handle with a built-in 3/8" (9.5mm) drill adapter. Heat treated, sheath cutting blade produces a smooth beveled edge and can be changed without the expense of replacing the entire coring bit. Preset jacket blade assures there is no scoring or nicking of the aluminum sheath. Rugged, durable all-metal construction. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON FLOODED CABLE. Length: 7.50". Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz.

JCST540QR 540 CB143K
JCST715QR 715 CB159K
JCST860QR 860 CB127K

Replacement Blades for JCST-QR-
CB667- JCST Replacement Jacket Blade Only
CB60- JCST Replacement Sheath Cutting Blade
For replacement parts, see separate entry for Coring and Stripping Tools Replacement Parts (Jacket Blade Only, Cutting Blade Only, and Coring Bit Kits available).


Product Number: JCST715QR



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