Fred Marvin PH4, CPH4R, Z104 Professional Pruner

This model is standard equipment used by professional tree service men, power and light companies, cemetery and city park tree surgeons.  It is designed for rough usage in line clearance and tree trimming.  Cuts limbs up to 1 1/4" diameter with ease.  The slim design permits access to many areas not reached by more bulky pruners.  The blade is made of high-grade steel to permit several re-sharpenings.  It also has a round casting for easy mounting to fiberglass or octagonal wood poles.

Choose from:

#PH4- Pruner Head Only

#CPH4R- Complete set with #PH4 Pruner Head, #PHA14 Adapter, 3 #FG6 6' Poles, and Rope

#Z104- Replacement Spring Only for #PH4


Product Number: PRUNER



Call 800-227-4255 to order.