Compact C-Stand for 48″ Roll-Up C-Signs

The compact C-Stand is a favorite of utility, cable, telephone, and survey companies.  Preferred by crews with heavily equipped vehicles in need of a compact, high performance stand.  Our high performance, heavy duty stand utilizes the Super-Flex Mast™ adjustable fiberglass leaf-spring with a compact half-mast for all roll-up signs. Quickly sets up and adjusts sign height and wind-deflection for best "target value" and proven "blowovers" resistance. Folds up very compactly, is lightweight, and easy to use making it ideal for anyone who sets up and moves signs regularly. Rugged aluminum, two position telescoping legs with non-skid rubber leg-tips, adjust for narrow shoulders and uneven terrain. Stand folds to compact size for easy storage. Ideal for open road, rated for 70 mph two-lane or four-lane highways using a 37" Roll-Up C-Sign without ballast, and up to 65 mpg using a 48" Roll-Up C-Sign without ballast.
Folded: 8" wide x 8 3/4" deep x 25" high
Open: 28" wide x 50 1/2" deep x 26" high
Extended: 42" wide x 73" deep x 26 1/2" high (low leg setting without sign)
Extended: 39" wide x 70" deep x 36" high (high leg setting, without sign)
Weight: 19.25 lbs.

Product Number: C902


Call 800-227-4255 to order.