Classic™ FP Polyester 3-Strand Rope

3-Strand Classic™ is designed to be our strongest 3-strand bull rope. Made from 100% high tenacity polyester yarn, 3-Strand Classic™ Polyester has the best abrasion resistance of any 3-Strand bull ropes.  All yarns are pre-positioned and tension set to ensure the product remains supple and durable from the moment it is placed into service.  The medium lay and firm, round construction make this rope the ideal bull rope.  Low elongation.  Easily spliced.  Applications:  vertical lifeline, fall protection, prussik loops, lanyards, bull ropes.

Available in 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4".


3/16"FP:  1.2 weight per 100 ft., 1,200 lbs. tensile strength.

1/4"FP:  2.0 weight per 100 ft., 2,000 lbs. tensile strength.

5/16"FP:  3.1 weight per 100 ft., 3,000 lbs. tensile strength.

3/8"FP:  4.5 weight per 100 ft., 4,400 lbs. tensile strength.

7/16"FP:  6.2 weight per 100 ft., 5,900 lbs. tensile strength.

1/2"FP:  8.0 weight per 100 ft., 7.500 lbs. tensile strength.

5/8"FP:  12.0 weight per 100 ft., 11,700 lbs. tensile strength.

3/4"FP:  16.0 weight per 100 ft., 14,700 lbs. tensile strength.

Product Number: FP -Filament Polyester



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