Cablematic Guide Sleeves For Coring And Stripping Tools

Guide Sleeves for QST, CST, and CST-MC.


Guide Sleeve Cat. No. Coring/Stripping Tool Cat. No. Color
29104 QCST412T, CST412 Black
29105 QCST500T, CST500 Red
29106 QCST625T, CST625 Blue
29111 QCST750T, CST750 Green
29112 QCST875T, CST875 Yellow
29108 QCST565, CST565TX Red
33847 QCST700, CST700TX Black
29109 QCST840, CST840TX Green
29113 CST21000 Orange
33837 CST21160TX Neutral
33771-2 CST500MC White
33771-3 CST650MC White
33771-4 CST750MC White

Product Number: Guide Sleeves



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