Bugwrench BW2213AR With Allen Ratchets On Both Ends

The handle is formulated of a high strength and high dielectric polymer. A see through port in the center of the handle confirms that the two ends are not electrically connected. Tool metal-to-metal electrical isolation is superior to others. Special end combinations allow line workers to carry one tool that will install hundreds of different connectors. Combinations such as 9/16" and 3/4" can not be found at the local hardware store. The 3/4" and 9/16" combination is just right when installing or performing maintenance on overhead transformers and secondary pedestals. The 2" working length of the ball-tip hex of the BW251 is just right for the transformer bars with covers. Pull-apart strength is 3-5 times greater than others. High visibility yellow color.

BW2213AR has a 3/8" Allen Ratchet and a 5/16" Allen Ratchet. Overall Length is 8 1/2".

Product Number: BW2213AR


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