Buckingham Buckalloy™ A9106A, A9206A, 11A Replacement Dowel And Screw Gaffs For Buckalloy™ Aluminum Climbers

Choose from the following parts:
A9206A: 16° Angled Replaceable Dowell and Screw Buckalloy™ Gaffs. Sold in pairs. For replaceable screws, order model 11A.

A9106A: 1 3/4" Dowell and Screw Buckaklloy™ for use with all CCA replaceable gaffs. Sold in pairs.

11A: Screws only. 4 black grade 8, instructions included. (For Buckingham Dowell & Screw Style Replaceable Gaffs.)

Product Number: A9106A, A9206A, 11A



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