Buckalloy A94089A, A94089AV Offset Aluminum Climbers

Buckingham has developed the BuckAlloy Aluminum Climber to provide strong, lightweight comfort for total confidence while climbing.  This is the lightest, most durable aluminum climber available.  The aluminum alloy used is the same as that used in transport applications including marine, automotive, and aviation due to its high strength to density ration.  "T" construction adds strength to the climber iron.  It offers unmatched comfort.  Gaff Ridge Position (GRiP) keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole which aids in preventing cutouts.  This also allows for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.  Offset stirrup keeps the climber at the center of the foot.  The stirrup is beveled to fit the bottom of the boot.  Dowel and screw design allows for easy gaff change out.  Straps are easily replaced- no riveting needed.  Rated to 350 lbs.  Meets or exceeds ASTM-F887.


A94089A- Aluminum Climbers w/1" Nylon Bottom Straps Only

A94089AV- Aluminum Climbers w/1 3/4" Hook and Loop Bottom Straps Only



Product Number: A94089A, A94089AV



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