Braided Safety Blue™ 16 White Climbing Rope

Braided Safety Blue™ is a 16-strand climbing rope that is engineered to stay round and firm even after years of use. Unlike other 16-strand climbing ropes, Braided Safety Blue™ is made of sixteen strands, each of which is comprised of tightly plied polyester fiber over fibrillated polyolefin fibers. Adding the additional step of plied yarns results in a firmer, rounder, more durable strand...and therefore a longer lasting rope. Skipping the plying process results in a rope that is much more susceptible to snagging and abrasion. Also, fibrillated polyolefin, unlike monofilament polyolefin used in other 16-strand ropes, is much more pliable. The result is a rope that is more flexible, holds knots better, and won't develop a "memory". The entire rope is also treated with a special formula which enhances abrasion resistance. Trademark "Blue" core.

Size: 1/2"
Weight per 100': 7.0 lbs
Ave. Tensile Strength: 7,000 lbs
Available by the foot or in 600 foot coils.

Product Number: 1/2" BSB



Call 800-227-4255 to order.