3 Strand Safety Blue™ Climbing Rope

3 Strand Safety Blue™ is constructed of high tenacity polyester wrapped around our trademark "blue" nylon core.  The firmly twisted polyester strands resist back turning, improve abrasion resistance, and reduce bouncing that is associated with other 3 strand climbing ropes.  This 1/2-inch, 3-strand twisted nylon rope's tough, durable construction is treated with a protective finish that significantly improves the durability of the rope, maximizing service life.  Easily spliced.


Size:  1/2"

Weight per 100':  7.6 lbs

Ave. Tensile Strength:  6.500 lbs

Available per foot or in 600 foot coils.

Product Number: 1/2"SB



Call 800-227-4255 to order.