About Us

Since 1947

In 1947, F. H. Hall transformed the basement of his Chestnut Street home into a mail-order business named F. H. Hall Linemen’s Supplies. His 12-page catalog listed boots, gloves, hand tools, and other linemen related items. The business flourished, and soon more space was needed, so he rented an office and warehouse on Erie St.

His son, Jack “Skinny” Hall, returned from military in 1953. Together, they constructed a 1600 sq. ft building at Skinny’s property on Gasper Road. The building is still in use today.

Skinny formed a similar company in 1972. He began traveling to conventions and utility shows to distribute his catalog. He obtained telephone books from several states, and every company related to the utility industry was sent a catalog. Of course, his secretary had to type thousands of address labels! Later, a computer system was purchased to maintain the customer list and monitor stock.

After the death of his father, Skinny ran both businesses with the help of his mother, Evelyn, and sons, Rick and Jim.

Evelyn retired in 1976, after many years of working hard to build the family business.

In 1982, Skinny merged the two companies into Hall’s Safety Equipment, Inc.

Rick graduated from high school in 1974, and continued working for his dad.

In 1986, Rick assumed the presidency, and Skinny retired (well, sort of). Skinny continues attending trade shows, and when not spending winters in Florida, he still comes to work every day.

Rick worked with boot companies to design lineman boots with all the features needed for the climbing industry. He listened to his customers who wanted waterproof boots, and was instrumental in designing and providing several styles of waterproof boots.

Rick continues to be a leader in taking Hall’s Safety forward with his business skills and ability to keep on top of the needs of today’s lineman.

Hall’s lineman store catalogs are distributed all over the United States. The Hall’s line of boots has been noted to be some of the best for the lineman’s needs. The industry is now requiring more FR clothing, so Hall’s has added many new items. Please check our lineman store’s website or catalog for all your lineman and tree trimmer needs. If you need something and do not see it advertised, give us a call (800-227-4255). We will try and find it for you.

Hall’s customer service representatives and other employees have many years of experience in answering your questions and supplying the merchandise you need. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to serve you.